Consumer Products

Enhancing Lives with Innovative solutions that Deliver Unparalleled Customer Experiences

The FMCG industry relies heavily on technology to play a significant role, allowing for streamlined production process, improved supply chain management and enhanced customer experience.

Therefore, it is an essential and indispensable component for the industry, and companies that can effectively embrace and leverage it, will be better positioned for long-term success.

Sector Challenges

Retail execution

Sales automation

Highly competitive market environment

Increasing consumer demand


Rise with SAP

Decide and respond better to customers through gaining comprehensive visibility into consumer product operations, from supply chain to customer engagement.

SAP SuccessFactors

Empower your HR with the most innovative tools and measure employee satisfaction, and their commitment to the work they do.

SAC Planning

Make quick and well-informed decisions: SAC Planning enhances the precision of data reporting, utilizes machine learning to forecast growth, monitors revenue metrics, and evaluates marketing return on investment, among other functionalities.


Revolutionize customer experiences as SAP BTP: a) provides a unified experience, b) enhances the business outcomes an organization can achieve. More specifically, the platform provides tools tailored for processes and data, facilitating the swift construction and expansion of SAP applications, c) allows organizations the freedom to decide how they construct and expand, thanks to its openness.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Benefit from Dynamics 365’s agile forecasting as the gap between the IT and business becomes reduced, allowing your organization to ensure the timely delivery of the right products. This agility enhances the accuracy of demand forecasting and contributes to better inventory management.


Interact directly with your customers as Salesforce gives customers access to their account information. Your organization can also establish omnichannel experiences by enabling customers to retrieve information through both online and in-store channels.