ANIMA- Adopt a Tawny owl


ANIMA- Υιοθεσία μιας κουκουβάγιας ‘Χουχουριστή’

Επιλέγουμε την Υιοθεσία: Δίνουμε προτεραιότητα στην ευημερία των ζώων

Our initiative to adopt a wild animal through a reputable wildlife conservation organization signifies a genuine dedication to the preservation of biodiversity, protection of endangered species, and the restoration of natural ecosystems. By supporting such initiatives, we, as a team, actively participate in the collective effort to address the urgent environmental challenges facing our planet.

After our mini research on which wild animal we would like to adopt from ANIMA, the majority voted for the tawny owl!

Let us introduce you the new member of our family!

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